December 16th, 2002


Rest of the Weekend.

Yesterday's visit to my mother went better than I expected, given the 5:21 wake-up call. We got down there about noon, as planned, and things were fine. Mom didn't feel well enough to go out for lunch, so John and my dad went out and got food to bring in.

We ate lunch, talked a lot, reviewed some bills, and figured out her christmas cards (which I'm doing, despite the fact I haven't even started my own!) It actually was a nice visit.

I feel sorry for her, not feeling well, being homesick and not having tons of choices, but I'm trying my best not to be motivated/manipulated by guilt.

We stopped in and visited John's folks, took ourselves out for Chinese food, and got home about 9:30.

The christmas tree was still standing (a good thing with a rambuctious kitten and two other cats).

Got up this morning, and it's really winter in the Pacific Northwest. Wet. Wet. Gray. Gray. Blah. Thank god for coffee.
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