December 12th, 2002


FUNK. Funk. funk.

So, after dinner, I hit a funk....all started because I couldn't find my sneakers....I couldn't find them Tuesday night either. Did some "crisis cleaning'" over the weekend, but thought I knew exactly where I'd tossed them.


So here we are, getting ready to go to the gym, and I can't find my damned shoes. gymgeek did make me laugh by commenting that it was ironic that a girl with as many pairs of shoes as I have, is having a tizzy fit because I can't find a certain pair of sneakers. So, I pulled out an old pair, and after about half an hour remembered why I haven't worn them. They're going into the goodwill box!

But we made it to the gym, had a good work out (even if we were both distracted by some barely dressed jailbait with thighs to die for). (and no underwear, according to my workout partner).

And then I found my shoes, so life is better.

And my sink is shiny. Maybe I can learn this habit of keeping house.

Time for bed.
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