November 11th, 2002


Cat-scratch Fever....

I'm going to rename this livejournal "The Trails of Sophia Marie Kelly, formerly an only cat and adored Princess".


I get home from work, and Sophia dashes out the front door. This isn't especially unusual. She often visits the porch when i get home, but comes right back in for treats.

So, I wander to the back of the house, leaving the door cracked open for her to come back in, notice she's in, and go to shut the door. Sadie is sitting on the front porch, poised for flight. I go out to grab her, she dashes around the side of the house, i come back around front, and both Sophia, and Batty are out. And Jake, the Grand White Pyranee next door is barking up a storm at the whole goings-on.

Batty's the easiest to catch, since he'll still come when you call him. I took him and deposited him in the bathroom (he's learned to pull doors open if they're even a crack shy of being closed) behind a closed door.

Went back out, got Sadie to stop running and stay still long enough to grab her scruff and bring her inside and deposit in the bedroom (she doesn't pull doors open and our bedroom door doesn't exactly latch, since the earthquake, the
latch doesn't quite match (at least that's what I'm blaming it on, it used to latch!)

Went back out to catch Sophia, remembering Friday night's horror. It took hours to get her in on Friday night. Lured her out of the bushes with Mr. Feather, than cracked open a can of food, and emptied it into her normal food dish, out in the middle of the front walk. When she settled in to eat, I scruffed her, but not close enough to her head,since she was able to twist around and sink her teeth into my hand. But I got her in with minimal bloodshed .

Now, she's sitting on the back of my chair, grooming my hair and purring. Psycho cat. Batty's under the chair, skinning a mousie. (those little plastic, fur covered mousies? He skins them..well, after de-tailing them).
Sadie's in the living room, probably thinking "I didn't ask to be living here, you know.".

All that and the new lid for the litter box doesn't fit. But I'm going to wait until John gets home tonight to think about that anymore.
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