October 2nd, 2002


Chef Hector Boyardi

All morning, I've been looking forward to eating my Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Ravioli. I know it's probably bad for me, but....

So imagine my disappointment when I pull out the can and discover that it's Chef Boyardee Cheeseburger Ravioli. It's just not the same.

But did you know that Chef Boyardee was real?
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Busy Day:

What I did today, by Meg.

    -Met with the implementation folks for the payroll conversion
    -Met and negotiated a contingent staffing contract (not that we're needing it any time in the near future)
    -Reconciled commissions, approved 66K worth of payout
    -Did some review on a friend's resume
    -Reconciled 401(k) contributions for the quarter
    -Wrote an offer letter
    -Wrote a letter to immigration for visa status for above offer
    -Started new personnel file project (involves sorting and reorganizing files)
    -Did new employee benefit orientation for returning employee.
    -Summarized and reported 401(k) open enrollment changes to NEC Payroll
    -Showed Ohno-san where the error was
    -Got rid of the shelves (vintage 70s pressboard!)
    -Played with the cats
    -Tried (unsuccessfully) to get one picture with both cats in it.
    -Talked to my mother (3 or 4 times today, it's been a bad day over there)
    -Kissed John good-bye, told him not to pick up trampy girls at the Tool concert
    -Fried some potatoes and turkey sausage for dinner.
    -Changed the old icky shower liner for a new clean one.
    -Did the dishes
    -Made apple crisp.

Now, I'm going to go take a nice bubble bath, then enjoy some warm apple crisp, then hop into bed with a trashy novel.

9:29 P.M
Now I'm going to go take that bubble bath.
Just cleaned out two e-mail accounts--over 700 messages, only about a dozen of them real.
I diligently "unsubscribed" "removed" and "opt-ed out". We'll see if it makes any difference at all.
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