September 24th, 2002


Kitty Un-Warfare & Gardening

This morning, the cats were *almost* playing with each other.

They were sitting by the dishwasher, batting paws around the corner of it, until one or the other of them realized that there was ANOTHER CAT on the end of the paw. But the hissing and growling seems to have subsided to a very quiet whisper. This is a good thing.

Got home, put on chicken marsala to simmer, and went out and worked in the yard. It's really becoming fall in my yard, and lots of things are almost done for the season. I think I need to concentrate on getting some later season flowers in there for next year.
The beds look glorious from May to the middle of August, but by the middle of September, there's not much color left.....but I have some good ideas. And there's still another 6 weeks to be reworking perennials and such in the yard (gotta love the PNW Climate).

gymgeek's folks invited us to go to the Mariner's Game tonight. I love baseball, so it'll be fun. I went last Saturday, and am going again on Thursday, for the last home game of the season. Tonight, though....The Mariner's have what's called a Tragic Number. One Mariner loss or one Anaheim win, and it's playoffs for us. But since I was raised a Cubs fan, the refrain "There's always next year" rolls easily from my lips.

Well, I suppose I'd better get to work....or at least wander down to the lunchroom for a cup of coffee.

Did I mention we went to the gym last night....for the first time in 6 weeks. Yay for us!
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