September 5th, 2002


Unpacking....the saga continues...

Shelves are up! Some of the boxes are emptied! Things are starting to sort themselves into logical places to be! I really wish we were going to be able to stay home this weekend and work on the house, but Walla Walla beckons.

On the good side, Mom is sounding better every time I talk to her. I'm thinking that a week of doing nothing but getting better in the hospital has been a good thing for her.

Tonight, we're tackling the kitchen. The old drafting table is soon to be a thing of the past. It never was an effective dining table, and became the holding place of much too much stuff. The new roll-y rack is put together for the bread machine, crock pots (yes, plural!) and other appliances the modern couple can't live without, and the new, smaller, better table is waiting to be assembled.

Maybe I'll even get that damned drawer fixed, when I reorganize the cabinet! (When you dream, dream big!)

We have such an overabundance of spices. I think I counted 5 containers of ground ginger, enough cinnamon to season a small third world nation, and corriander for days. I see much christmas baking and lots of curries in our future.