September 2nd, 2002


The fun continues...

My boyfriend rocks.

We got home from a weekend at Doe Bay, which was a little less stellar than we'd hoped (the new management seems to thrive on putting up "NO" signs), but still relaxing, to discover that Mom is back in the hospital.

She had toxic levels of digitalis. I don't know whether her medications got mixed up (she takes a digitalis therapy medicine for congestive heart failure), whether it was a side affect of not having enough potassium, whether it was a side effect from the weakness after surgery, and not eating and drinking enough, but.... She seems to be stable now, and sounded much,much better when I talked with her tonight.

I was worrying, and trying to figure out how to be two places in one time, and John just says "We'll go."....meaning a 5 hour drive, after a work week, spending a weekend, then driving back to be at work on Monday morning. And with everything else we have going on....trying to unpack, expecting company in 10 days, dealing with a cat who's being just a little psycho lately, the fact that John's *still* fighting this cold/sinus infection that he's had for over two weeks....he understands, without my having to explain it, and makes it easy.

I'm such a lucky girl.