August 21st, 2002


Digging Out!

Yesterday was digging out, today is digging in.....
Now that vacation is over, it's time to really plan my fall projects, and to get downright serious about what I'm doing.

There's a lot going on, job-wise, to keep me busy now, which is a welcome diversion, after the oh-my-god-slowness of the summer.

I still could use a clone, though. She could be putting stuff away at home, so we could move more easily. :)

But, I did unearth the couch and the coffee table last night, and sort through several bags of miscellaneous stuff, and actually threw stuff out!. I shall overcome my inner packrat.......someday.

So many choices.....

.....Just in case anyone wondered, I am absolutely thrilled, happy and giddy that John and I are going to officially be living together after this weekend (not like I haven't been thrilled, happy and giddy that we actually have been living together for months!). But the process of how to integrate another whole apartment-ful (minus a couch) of stuff into an already fairly full house is time-consuming, baffling, and could be expensive....since some of the answers have been "buy this...."

So.....I'm toying between open shelving in the kitchen, hopefully with a plate rack, that would display the fiesta ware (and open up a whole shelf plus in the kitchen cabinets) or getting some kind of glass fronted buffet/cabinet for the dining room for the china, wineglasses and misc fancy not-everyday glass wear....The open shelving would be cheaper, and I think I like the thought of having all the colorful fiesta ware out (I have 8 place settings, in 8 different colors), but I'm not quite sure. Since it's not my house, I try not to put too many substantial holes in the walls, and I'm thinking the shelving might be a little much...

We'll see. I'm mostly just dithering out loud. And taking the Ikea catalog to bed with me for ideas.

But I sorted more stuff tonight...and threw more stuff out.

Saturday's going to be a busy day, as we move the rest of the furniture, take things to storage, and try to arrange stuff so it actually works.

(I do love him, so I'm not really stressing. It's all just stuff. It'll work, one way or another!)
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It's nice to have a geek around the house....

....while I was on vacation, John called to switch us from cable modem to DSL, for a number of reasons, most of which matter more to him than to me. :)

The modem arrived today, and after some tinkering by the resident geek, the switch was made. From my viewpoint, it was effortless (like I told him....I'm an application kind of girl, as long as the application works, I don't really care how!).

After all the horror stories I've heard about Qwest and DSL, I'm really really happy.
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