June 13th, 2002

Me and my sweetie.

Doe Bay Beckons!!!!

gymgeek and I are planning to voyage to Doe Bay, on lovely Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands, for the Labor Day weekend (August 31-September 2). While we're not going to organize putting together a huge house of people to go, we thought we'd see if anyone else wanted to go up.

Our plan is to go up on Saturday morning, and come home Monday afternoon.

Click here for more info on Doe Bay. I discovered that faxing reservations is the quickest and easiest way to make them...they're sometimes really slow to return voice mail messages...
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Mt. Laundry

How did I ever accumulate all these clothes?

I'm finally dealing with a basket of clothes that's been sitting in the corner for *ahem* a while. They're clean, just need to be sorted and folded. Some of them need to go away.

Maybe I'll do a share-a-thon....take pictures of the stuff that needs to go, and it's yours for minimal shipping (if you don't come pick it up yourself...)

Anyone interested in that? Lots of XLs, and 18-20s. Hrm. It's an idea.