June 12th, 2002


This morning....

if I was able to do cartwheels, I would have!

I discovered one of the irises has bloomed!

It's a white-to-light blue flower with a darker blue ruffly edge. I'm so excited. The bloom stalk was well hidden in the rhody, and I hadn't noticed it.

It's one of the old, old-fashioned bearded irises that came from my grandmother's yard decades ago. My mother moved them to Chicago and back to Walla Walla, and then I rescued them when Mom & Dad sold "The Ranch", and the new owners (my idiot nephew and his not-too-bright wife) dug the iris and left them to dry out in the sun. They pulled out all the landscaping my folks had done in 20 years, and planted grass. All the peonies, all the iris, all the poppies. Pulled out and consigned to the trash heap. I was just lucky to find the iris, everything else was too far gone to rescue.

More Garden pictures tonight. :) Things are really starting to pop up out there.
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Insert expletive here.

My landlord's dad apparently was by today.

The hedges are trimmed, albeit really unevenly.

A vast majority of the califonia poppies I've been nurturing on the front hill have been hoed up.
All of the blossoms on my bishop's weed has been cut off, leaving ugly sticky-up stems.

I am really not a happy camper.

Joe's a nice old man, and likes to putter, but dammit.
Don't cut flowering things. Don't pull up plants.

I'm going out to see if i can save some of the poppies.
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