June 3rd, 2002


Lazy weekend, Slow Monday

Lazy weekends are good for the soul.

Saturday, we slept in, went out for breakfast, ran a few errands, and just generally hung out. We had plans to paint the bookcases, but it just didn't happen. We watched Twin Peaks (The Pilot) instead, since I admitted that I'd never seen it. Now I want to see the whole series!

Sunday, up early to go sit in line for the Secret Film Festival, watched the movie, and then met hiddeneye and her husband for coffee and food at B&O Espresso. They went on their way back home, we ran another couple errands, and ended up at home, lazing around. Concocted dinner and watched half of the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think both Buffy-Season 2, and M*A*S*H Season 2 come out next month. Hooray!

Got to work, got the one thing that needed to be done this morning completed, and am now waiting for other people to do other stuff so I can do my next project.

And I'd like a nap.
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Not again!

I think I'm having intimacy issues with my wallet.

Friday, I discovered (when I had a basket full of groceries at Safeway) that I'd left my wallet at the office. Oops.

Today, I discovered (when looking for my wallet to go get lunch) that I've left my wallet at home.

I wonder if my wallet and I can come to an understanding.
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