May 29th, 2002



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Well, I'm not really him; I just resemble this fictional character. A bit. Wanted to get that straight before you expect me to start growing a silly moustache and operating on people.
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My 2:20 To-Do List.

I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I could do if I were at home, rather than here. :)
And developing a list of wants and need-to-do's.

    -2 new roses for the pots on the patio;
    -1 new white calla lily (to go with the other two calla lilies in that pot on the patio);
    -A honeywort or three. (blue shrimp plant--the name is so descriptive);
    -Inspiration for the hanging baskets on the back wall;
    -Get the rest of the garden art into the yard;
    -Plant the nasturiums for the front yard;
    -Another packet (or two) of california poppy seed for the front hill;
    -More geraniums for the front porch boxes.
    -Remember to soak the vining seeds and get them planted;
    -A decision on new comfy chairs for the re-organized back patio (and the $$ to buy them);
    -Sunny weather, please!