May 11th, 2002


What I get to plant tomorrow.

....because I went nursery shopping today.

    **3 forget-me-nots (1 pink, 1 white, 1 blue) (4 Inch pots)
    **5 Viola Odorata (Sweet Violets) (4 inch pots)
    **1 Lemon Catmint (4 inch pot)
    **1 Rubylight Calla ( 1/2 gallon pot)
    **1 Millenium Gold Calla (1/2 gallon pot)
    **1 Liatris Spicata Alba (1/2 gallon pot)
    **2 Dollar Princess Upright Fushias (1/2 gallon pots)
    **I Birches Double Cranesbill (1/2 gallon pot)
    **1 La Roma Tomato (1/2 gallon pot)
    **1 Ace Tomato (1/2 gallon pot)
    **3 anemones (2 red, one white)(4 inch pots)
    **3 scaveloa (4 inch pots)
    **2 pony packs Asters
    **2 pony packs Red Verbena
    **1 Lady Strathden Geum (4 inch pot)
    **1 Lady Bradshaw Guem (4 inch pot)
    **2 Fleabane (4 inch pots)
    **3 Convolvulus (2 1/2 inch stuffers)
    **3 Rhea Salvias (4 inch pots)
    **1 carraway thyme (4 inch pot)
    **1 purple ruffles basil (4 inch pot)
    **1 sweet woodruff (4 inch pot)
    **1 tri color sage (4 inch pot)
    **1 lemon balm (4 inch pot)
    **1 mint (4 inch pot)
    **3 multi-bloom Bright Rose geraniums (3 inch pots)

And that doesn't count all the nasturium seed I have to plant. :)

But it was a wonderful day. 3 friends, one big-ass SUV . Two nurseries later, everyone except the driver has a flat of plants in her lap, and the car looks like a moving jungle. I even think I may have gotten a little bit of a tan! Woo hoo!
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just when you thought it was safe....

.....i stopped at Ravenna Gardens on the way home from dinner with gymgeek and axl and found a wicked cool plant that I just had to have, because I'd never seen it before. It's a Aeonium "Black Rose" and looks kind of like this.

I think I'm going to let it be inside for a while, on the piano (where it gets full sun) until it gets a little warmer outside...