May 9th, 2002

Me and my sweetie.

Baseball, sunshine and realizations.

Man, it got cold out there last night. But it was a great game. (M's won, in the bottom on the 10th, due to the amazing speed of Ichiro). I'll be really glad when it's a whole lot warmer out there.

It's sunny outside now, but showers predicted for this evening. I'd really like to go out and play in the yard tonight. (I'd also really like to take a nap, last night's game made it so we weren't home until midnight--maybe I need to incorporate a hammock into the back yard).

I have to work tomorrow. My checkbook says YAY! My brain says "But...but...but...we had things we were going to do at home!".

Off in search of caffeine.
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Me and my sweetie.

Lazy Night at Home...

Antiques Roadshow UK is on the telly, the cat is curled up somewhere, gymgeek is happily on the couch, and I just finished filling up my iDisk with pictures of my yard....

You can see them here

And now, I'm off to join the Antique Roadshow watching, Harry Potter-reading man on the couch, dishes be damned.
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