May 6th, 2002


Weekend in Walla Walla

It sounds kinda of romantic, but....

Finally got to Walla Walla Friday morning.
Spent most of Friday running around with my mom, doing errands that she had stacked up.

Saturday, I started working in their yard. They have about two dozen roses in their front yard, in a pretty tight bed. They're absolutely gorgeous when they're in bloom. As Dad's eyesight has failed, he's not able to take care of them like he used to.

They'd already had them pruned for the spring, but I put in landscape fabric, a soaker hose irrigation system and then 10 bags of bark. It'll make it easier for them, since there won't be as many weeds. I worry about my mom trying to weed in there, if she loses her balance, there isn't much except rosebushes to break her fall.

My dad was in Grumpy-old-man mode, though, and I confess to having less patience with him than I probably should have. He was just so damned argumentative all weekend, it drove me nuts.

But the roses look really nice, now.

I'm awfully glad to be home, though.