May 1st, 2002


Where would you hide?

If you were dwarf cherry nasturium seed, that is? I know that I have a couple packets of them, and had a flash of inspiration on where to plant them (my garden plan is not *that* organized), and couldn't find them! *sniff* Oh well, they'll turn up.

Last night was a glorious evening. I left work as soon as possible and was out in the yard by 5:30.

    *The roses that were transplanted on Monday seem to be perking up.

    *The dwarf nile lily has suddenly sprung up with lots of new growth! Hooray. I repotted it to a bigger pot, and seeded red flax around the rim. I think it'll be pretty, it's a dark blue glazed pot, the lilies are a lavendar/sky blue and the red flax should be in between.

    *I seeded cosmos (bright lights & polidor) and chinese forget-me-nots into my newly unshaded patch behind the rhodies. It'll be nice to have some easy color back there, against the hedge.

    *Discovered two more "returned from the dead" hostas.

    *Mustered the courage to look at the neglected tuberoses. Two of the pots were already sprouting! The other pot was really dry, but the bulbs still had some life in them. I repotted them, and we'll hope for the best.

    *Seeded more chinese forget-me-nots and red flax around the newly transplanted roses. Decided that it's time to go wild with nasturium seed for border edging.

    *Decided the monkey flowers could go in a small strawberry pot.

    *Tossed more slug killing food. It's iron phosphate, and apparently makes the slugs feel full and they go off and die happy. Not a bad way to go, if you have to go. :) It seems to be working. I have lots less chewed plants, and much less snail/slug visibility.

Now, I have to wait for seeds to grow, and be really careful about what's a weed and what's a seedling. :) And get cracking on the vegetables!
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