April 21st, 2002

Me and my sweetie.

Life imiates Art.

Apparently, the 24 hour Church of Elvis is no more.....we looked and looked for it today, in Portland, and couldn't find it. Coming home, searching on-line, we see a post from February 2002 saying that it's closed. Such tragedy.

Aside from that disappointment, we did have a great weekend.

Meandered to Vancouver, Washington Saturday. Visited lirren, and, as usual, had an excellent time.
I wonder if she's found the plastic cockroach in the fountain yet. *shudder*

Stayed at the Heathman Lodge, which was very nice. I'd easily stay there again. Although, I think for our next trip, we're going to take the train down, and use Tri-Met to get around.

Planned to go to the Japanese Gardens, but since they close at 2:30, and we puttered around this morning, it didn't happen. We did spend some happy time at Powell's. In fact, right now gymgeek is happily ensconced on the sofa, leafing through his new treasures. Oddly enough, in Powell's, I'm wandering through the fiction, just browsing, when someone goes in front of me and excuses herself. I murmur a polite "it's okay", then we both stop, realizing we knew each other. It was Holly and David, folks I haven't seen for probably over a year, and who live in Seattle! What are the odds of being in Powell's, 3 hours from home, in the same aisle on the same day at the same time!

Headed back to Seattle, stopped at Freddie's Casino to indulge in some black-jack playing, (not entirely unsuccessfully...(gymgeek played, I offered moral support) and then came home and ate at Dad Watsons for dinner. It was yummy, as usual.

It's nice to be at home, though. i think I'll go curl up on the sofa too. It looks awfully inviting over there.

Peace Out.
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