April 17th, 2002


Ikea, for under $100

Yes, it is possible to get in and out of Ikea, even with a couple of impulse buys, for under a hundred. The couple next to us, though, was almost up to four grand. I really wanted to be nosy and see what all they were buying, but it was (at least what we could see) all in bags already, so......

I'm happy, though. I finally have the curtains I want for the living room. Now, I just have to ask John to help me put them up. (we bought the hardware a while ago).

Last night's haul: dinner for two (meatballs, y'know)
new cutting board-Green (Impulse!)
magazine holders
photo box

They have some really cool planters, I may have to go back and liberate a couple of them. :)

It's a really really gray and gloomy day here. I'd rather be home, curled up in bed with my sweetie and a book.
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Me and my sweetie.

working out feels good.

gymgeek and I went to the gym tonight, Tuesday's plans being thwarted by a parental tax and computer emergency.

It felt really really good.

I'd had a meeting with an employee that became fairly adversarial, and got under my skin. It felt good to work it out.

I can do this. It's just a matter of consistency.
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