April 3rd, 2002



It's been way too long since I've been to Malena's Taco Shop. Bridget and I headed there for lunch today. Mmmmmm. Two asada tacos and $4.00 later, I was a happy, contented campter. I really should take John there.

Then went across the street to The Fountainhead Gallery. They had some nice stuff in there, and some of it at reasonable prices. Beautiful basketwork. A friendly dog. A gallery owner who left us alone when it because clear we weren't pulling out our checkbooks anytime soon.

And I think I get double extra bonus points for actually coming back to the office. It's a glorious bright, sunny and warm day out there. There are a lot of things I'd rather be doing than sitting here, dealing with employees upset over the NEC security breach (major compromise of employee personal health/welfare data on the corporate --read out of Seattle-- level). It could be ugly, but at least no hard payroll information was involved.
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Me and my sweetie.

Tourist suggestions?

We're going to the Portland, Oregon area in two weeks. John's never been there before. What do we have to see?

Caveats: We'll only be there Saturday and Sunday, and already have plans for Saturday night.

Cheap is better. :)
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