March 29th, 2002



It's chilly out there.....but it's not snowing, and it's not predicted for snow *knock on wood* and I've been out putzing in the yard.

I'm going to pot hostas today, plant daylilies, work on completing the veggie frames, and maybe a little bit of plant separation....

Then, inside, to do some indoor cleaning and some seed starting.

Thank goodness for fleece and my muck boots.

And back to the garden.
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Geranium-Half Moon Bay

Not as productive as I should be.

Just as I got ready to go outside, my landlord's dad showed up. Joe's a great guy, and does stuff around the yard that I'd rather not do, and don't have the tools to do, like trimming hedges, etc. Apparently, he thought today was the best day to trim my fussy boxwoods. I was kind of hoping they'd grow into a low hedge this year, but they're back to being nice little balls again.

But I just wasn't in the mood to hang out and talk with Joe. He has great stories, but I just wasn't in the mood. So I stayed in the house and did stuff here...unfortunately, the potting soil and stuff I needed was out in the truck and I couldn't get to it (Joe's truck was parked too close). So I did laundry and such. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get those poor hostas into the dirt.

But in the meantime: Collapse )
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One Step Closer!

I built one of my veggie beds today.

krow helped me bring home the first load of lumber in the summer of 2000, so this is a major accomplishment.

Now, I need another trip to home depot, some stablizing boards, 4 more cherrytone 3x4x8 landscaping timbers and a big load of dirt.

It's going to be a garden!

(and John and I get to go celebrate by hottubbing tonight....Mmmmm. Hottubbing.
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