March 25th, 2002


Monday, Monday.....

.....can't trust this day.

I came home without the tickets to the basketball game we're going to in less than an hour. Damn. Luckily, my office isn't far from the arena, but it messes up the plan. Grrrrr.

Nice weekend, though. Spent Saturday helping my aunt move into an assisted living facility in Sumner. It was John's first exposure to my extended family--neices and nephews and brothers and sisters.....I'd kind of forgotten about the group think that my sister, neices and I can get into, until all 4 of us answered one of the guys in unison. It's kind of fun. Next Sunday, he gets even more.....there's somewhere between 16-22 people expected for Easter dinner.

Sunday , we brunched at Doc Watson's (but no beer sampler brunch, although I'm mighty fond of their Ruby ale, and well, it was after noon), and then ran around, doing errands and general run about things for the rest of the day. Came home, i watched Oscars, John geeked and we both relaxed.

Today, I moved into my new office at work. A room with a view, after a year of an inside dark office. It's awfully pretty. I can look out over Elliot Bay across to the mountains.

John's here, so we're off! Basketball tonight!