March 16th, 2002


Getting to be the usual...

Snow, that is.

Looks like it snowed a little more, up here on Queen Anne, than it did down at John's house. There's a little collection of the white stuff on the car, just enough that you can see that it did snow, but it didn't really accumulate anywhere.

lazy morning, got out of bed late, showered, hit a new place for breakfast---The Varsity Inn, just about halfway between my house and John's house, over by Gasworks Park. Not bad food--strictly diner. Did some shopping, and am back to the cleaning groove for a couple hours. Then John's going to come over, help me uncrate and hang a picture I bought in August (the horror!!), then we're heading to his folks for the rest of the weekend.

MacHomer tomorrow!
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It's becoming the norm!

Snow, again.

It was snowing at my house, off and on, all afternoon, but not really sticking.

This evening, John and I headed to his parents, who live about 30 miles southeast of Seattle. It was snowing, but still not really accumulating, until suddenly *Boom*, I noticed that there was lots (well, by western Washington standards) of snow alongside the road. Not far ahead, we came across half a dozen cars that had spun off the freeway. There's probably a good 4 inches out there, and it's still snowing. It's awfully pretty.

In other news, we finally hung a picture that I bought in Taos last August. It looks perfect on the wall, exactly like I imagined it would. Now, to find something for that other wall, and I'm a happy, well-decorated camper. :)

If you want to's It's the top, left. Very whimsical. The legend at the bottom is "bewitched". You couldn't guess that I was in love when I decided I had to have it, could you? And I'm still in love. It's a good thing.
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