February 19th, 2002


Tuesday like a Monday

It feels like a Monday.

Started the day in Walla Walla. Had to have John call me to be sure i was up when I realized that Mom and Dad don't have an alarm clock. I guess that's one of the joys of not working. Caught the 8:55 plane over and was at the office by 11.

Dad's doing fine. A couple units of blood, prescription xantac and some rest and he seems to be right as rain.

We won't even go into how evil and manipulative I believe my sister-in-law was past week.

Excited to be heading for Las Vegas on Thursday. Unfortunately, my friend Becky can't come with us. She's having some health problems that she needs to deal with. We're both sad, but her health is more important than a weekend in Las Vegas.

It's good to be home. We're watching the Olympics, and John has Sophia flying around the room chasing a toy. Life is good.
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