February 13th, 2002



Still worrying about my dad, although he seems to be doing okay.
He's almost 88, and apparently fainted in the bathroom yesterday morning, then again when he got back to the bedroom. Called 911. The paramedics pronounced him okay, but advised Mom to take him to the doctor that morning.

The doctor admitted him to the hospital for tests, and so far we know that he's severely anemic, and seems to have some internal bleeding. He's gone through a couple units of blood, and they're suspecting a bleeding ulcer. Kind of all ties in, the lowered blood pressure would have made him more suseptible to the fainting, he's been a little upset to his stomach, etc. They'll test for that tomorrow, and at this point, plan to keep him until at least Friday.

I can tell Mom's feeling better, she's telling them to keep him for another week, just so she gets a vacation. :)

My brother went over today, so he'll be able to help out for a couple days. I suppose I'll be heading over in the not-do-distant future.

But the important thing is that he's okay, and that nothing more serious happened.

Now, if I could just get this headache to go away.
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