February 6th, 2002


My Feet Hurt.

We got to the Flower Show at about 8:30 this morning.
I just got home, maybe 20 minutes ago.
It was a long, happy, successful, acquisition-filled day.

I got a few plants (some plants, some bare roots), some seeds, 2 really cool pots, another one of Linda's wonderful terra cotta hanging decorations, some cute ceramic mushrooms, and fun weathered steel (or maybe tin) butterflies.

We had a great time. If you're in the Seattle area, I highly recommend going.

The display gardens were really wonderful, too. I took some pictures and will pop them online sometime soon. I'm totally ready for spring now!

In other news, John's landlord continues to show his true colors as a total and complete asshole. Today, they got the electric disconnect notice (which matches the water disconnect that came last week). See, the landlord is responsible for paying utilities, and then billing the various parts of the house, since it's a multi-family dwelling. Asshole. I hated dealing with guys like him when I worked in housing, I hate it even more when it's impacting my friends.
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