February 1st, 2002


Most Days I Love My Job---

This week, I've hated it.

I've known since early in the week that we were having a layoff today, and couldn't say or do anything about it. 10% of your workforce, when you're only 106 people is a significant number.

These weren't just "employees", these were my friends. And this follows the 18% last February, and another 20% last September. It's been a hard year.

I wasn't affected as badly as some people. While I wasn't laid off, I will be taking a 20% reduction in hours, at this point, hopefully not long-term. I'm losing my boss and my HR co-worker is moving to a different position in the company. The flip side (always try to see the silver lining, my grandma said) is that I get to have three day weekends every week for a while, and I'll get to be the functional HR Manager (if only 4 days a week!)

I may actually get my house clean, and projects finished, and have a nifty title to put on a resume.

But right now, I'm just really really really glad that this week is just about over. I'm going to go get my rent check, go home and hang out with John tonight--because that's something that makes me happy.
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