January 21st, 2002


Nice, Lazy Weekend....

It's nice to have a relaxing weekend!

We packed some action into Saturday, seeing Blackhawk Down (which I recommend, but probably won't see again) in the afternoon, and then seeing Judy Tenuta (giver goddess, fashion-plate, saint) at the Emerald Queen Casino that night.

I admit, I was expecting a "showroom" or a "theatre" at the Emerald Queen, not just a large heated tent with folding chairs, but Judy more than made up for the setting. She's still sassy and nasty. :)

Spent Sunday at John's folks, just hanging out and being lazy. We watched a lot of Food Network. It was good. And John's dad made some awesome buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Yum.

Then back to the grind today. At least *my* bus isn't on a holiday schedule. In fact, it's on regular schedule, and holiday fares! Woo hoo!

But I could use a nap, about now.
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