January 16th, 2002


Last night was productive....

.....We went out for dinner (chinese, yummy), and then up to Best Buy. I'd never been inside a Best Buy. What a mish-mash of stuff for sale! Washing machines and refrigerators next to CD's and DVD's.

But each of us got a "first season" DVD Collection. M.A.S.H for John--all 24 of the first seasons episodes, uncut--and Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me. Came home, John set up the DVD player (which hadn't been set up since I rearranged all the furniture) and started watching M.A.S.H.--from the beginning. I would have joined him, but the kitchen needed some serious attention, so I cleaned and rearranged and listened to him laugh and provide commentary. A pleasant way to spend an evening, and a clean kitchen to boot.

Today's question: If you were going to be stranded on a island for 10 years, no worry about basic needs, and could only select two musical artists to have their collected works, who would you chose?

John: NIN and Stan Getz.
Me: Beethoven and Ella Fitzgerald.

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Hooray for Organization!

The theme, so far this year, has been "get it organized".
If you've ever been to my house or my office, you know that my inner pack rat rules the roost. I'm trying to work with the idea that I really don't need all that stuff, and that the stuff I do have functions much better and easily if it's organized.

Therefore, rather than just throwing all the christmas stuff back into the boxes it came out of, I took the time to sort it, make some hard decisions--I mean, it's a music box from growing up. Okay, it's plastic, all the angels have no wings, the cherubs on top have lost both wings and arms...do I really need it? The answer is no. On the other hand, a couple of ornaments I made as a kid are disinegrating--literally. They're made out of that crafty sheet foam, and the life span on it is obviously about 30-35 years. So I've left them out, and I'm going to recreate a few of them. Renewal of the memories, so to speak. Oddly enough, even though I selectively weeded out some of the stuff, the Christmas stuff went from 4 boxes to 6 boxes. But it's all well organized, packed well enough that it wouldn't have to be repacked before moving, and ready to put away.

Now the question, stow it in the attic (reachable through a trap door in the ceiling of my bedroom--ladder required) or actually tackle that Fibber McGee's closet in the dining room, and make room for the stack of boxes (actually nice crates, now) to go in one end of it? I'm not going to decide that tonight (although, the closet idea is winning...that way I don't have to buy or borrow a ladder when it's time to get christmas stuff out and I can get the early season stuff out (like advent stuff, house lights, etc) without having to drag it all out of the attic.---that and the closet really needs to be sorted out. It's a stacked collection of boxes--more a storage closet than anything else.

Sometime before the end of the weekend, I'm going to do a brutal sorting of clothing. I simply have too many clothes. And a lot of them that I either don't wear because I don't care for them as much as I used to or don't wear because they don't fit or....you know how it goes. I promised that a goodwill run would happen this weekend.

There is no way that I'll ever be austere in my belongings, or have a sparse zen-like quality to my home. But I'm hoping that dealing with the clutter (both hidden and visible) will help prevent clutter in other parts of my life. Call it feng shui, call it organizing, call it what you will, that's my hope.

But now, it's bedtime.

Night all!
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