January 11th, 2002


It's Take A Test Week!

Put them all together, and I'm an orally-fixed feline, who likes to hula...or watch hudsucker proxy...one or the other.

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You're all about romantic love, and you would do anything for your man. You will be successful in your life and relationships as long as you can keep a handle on your oral fixations. 37!! That's just too much!
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I'm supposed to be....

....taking down the Christmas tree, but I'm procrastinating.

I hate taking the tree down. It's pretty and it smells good. Okay, it's getting a little dry, and Christmas is much more than 12 days past...

But still.

At least I found the ornament boxes I wanted, and found a U-haul place for stress paper and foam wrapping. Might as well sort everything out and pack it well while I put it away.

I'm really glad it's a quiet Friday night, though.
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