January 9th, 2002


Counting Days

Normally, birthdays are not big things with me.
But this year is one of those that ends in Zero, so we're going to have a fun time.

(For those of you who didn't know me then, I celebrated my 30th birthday for the better part of two weeks, starting the evening of February 26, so that I wouldn't hit 30 sober, and continued for 17 days, until Brady joined me in the land of 30. We basically sobered up enough to go to work and met back at a bar (usually R-Place) right after work. How we did that, I haven't a clue. I certainly couldn't do it now without screaming for mercy.)

This year, to celebrate the big Four Oh! we're taking a girls trip to Las Vegas. Just girls, no kids, no boys, no men, and 3 days in Vegas. It'll be a blast.
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