January 5th, 2002


Procrastination is a girl's best friend....

And it applies to so many things, lately.

I haven't updated here since going to Walla Walla, partly because I'm still processing stuff from there, and partly because just I'm procrastinating. Christmas was good, getting home was better, New Year's was quiet and fun. Going back to work sucked.

But today, the procrastination is real. I need to clean out the refrigerator. There's something in there that's dead and scary and i don't know what it is, so a total evacuation is in order. But I'm procrastinating.

I suppose, in some ways, it's a Good Thing (tm) though, since I've done other things that aren't quite as daunting as the fridge.
(really, it's not *that* bad, there's just something dead in there...and I'm a weenie.)

Wish me luck!
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Meg, The Conquerer!

I have conquered the refrigerator (note to self: cheese that is stinky to begin with, when pushed to the depths of the fridge, does not become sweeter smelling) and the laundry room--discovering another bag of bulbs that need to be planted.
Good thing we haven't had a hard frost yet!

Yes, it's true...I looked in the back yard today and have both penstemons and guara bravely blooming on. It's JANUARY. Summer perennials should not be blooming in JANUARY.
(but it's nice to see flowers...and the snow drops are starting to push through....)
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Stars on Ice

I loved it, even if it was cheesy , choreographed to the hilt, and Kurt Browning had a bad night for jumps. John liked the Zamboni most of all...well, maybe Katrina Witt, but the Zamboni was a close second. :)

Off to bed. Lots to do before my Ephiphany Party tomorrow night.
The annual tag line "The Wise Men Got to Bethlehem, You Can Get To Queen Anne'.
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