November 23rd, 2001


Moving Day....Part I've Lost Track.

More moving! But I can't complain, because I got off really really easy today.
I carried a few boxes, shadowfenced with the bed rails, ran after food and babysat the dog.
I never said "God, that's heavy" once.

In fact, Thor (that's the dog) and I left when it came time to split one abode into two, headed to my house and had a productive afternoon. I finally got the backyard cleaned out for winter, Danny's dad (Danny's my landlord) came by, and we removed a dying tree that I didn't like (but was waiting for it to completely croak before removing it), opening up a whole new sunny patch for perennials. I have all winter to think about how i'm going to redo that bed, it'll be fun. Right now, i'm thinking it's going to be pinks and purples with splashes of red and yellow.....I have a very colorful yard.

And then I came inside, and unpacked half a dozen boxes that have been sitting in the corner of the now-tv-computer room since April 2000. I'm amazed at how much I accomplished. I have a huge stack of to-be-recycled cardboard sitting in the dining room. Luckily, recycle is this week, so it's only in the way for a few days. As wet as it's been, I need to keep it inside until
Monday night.

But now, I'm about out of steam. I think I'll go crawl into John's bed (mine is covered with stuff, result of the reoganization-in-progress, read for a while and sleep. No alarm tomorrow. That's a promise.
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