November 7th, 2001


Did You Vote?

Two events yesterday to take part in: Election Day 2001 and Buffy the Musical!

Washington Voters must be feeling the pinch of the economy. Every initiative, that on the surface, looks like it saves money, passed. I think it's a sign of the times. Personally, I think that Tim Eyman has made initiatives into his personal business, setting up a for-profit initiative business that promises one iniatitive a year.

I'm happy about the hopeful outcome of the mayoral race in Seattle, though.

And I loved Buffy the Musical. What a light-hearted way to get all those niggly little issues: Willow's increasing abuse of magic, Buffy's sorrow at being yanked from heaven, Giles needing to leave (well, we all knew he'd be leaving anyway), and cementing the fact that Xander just shouldn't do magic at all!

Besides, Xander in silk pjs, and Anya in those little tap pants? Yummy!

And Spike. Mmmmm. Spike. Spike, spike spike.
What more can you say?

Other than--Damn, Angel is going to be pissed!
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