October 31st, 2001


Sore muscles...

I know it's a good thing, I know it means that I accomplished something, lifting the ridiculously light weights that I did last night.

I knew that I totally looked like a beginner, with my chart of what to do, and how to set the machines, my towel and my water bottle. It was nice to have one of the incredibly buff guys at the gym tease me, tell me that in a couple weeks it'd all be automatic, give me some form pointers to avoid soreness where I shouldn't have it, and to give the machine a swift kick when it wouldn't adjust correctly.

Twice a week. I can make the commitment to do this twice a week, and the cardio stuff more than that.

Of course, I am thinking of making a little cheat sheet, that isn't quite so obvious to carry around...
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    Sore, in a good way