October 28th, 2001



Mmmm. I can be inspired by this 39 year old body.


Last night, soccer was unpleasant. We played hard, and fairly well, but got kicked, 10-0. (actually we should have had one, but that's another story). Then we learn that the team was really a B league team, that didn't like losing to people of their own skill level, so they dropped to the D league (the beginners league) to feel good about themselves. I suppose if picking on beginners makes them feel better, I should be happy I could help. Frustrating night.

It's been a lovely, lazy day.

We got up late, went to Safeway for breakfast fixings and ended up carrying home a nearly 20 pound pumpkin, snuggled up on the sofa for a romantic afternoon of Aliens.

John's off hanging with his brothers, and I'm feeling domestic, making borscht and cookies.
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