October 8th, 2001


Happy Columbus Day!

This used to be a holiday in Washington State, kind of a freebie that no one else seemed to get. But not anymore, apparently.

(It's also Thanksgiving Day in Canada, but that's just plain off!)

It was a weekend that was busy, but not.

Saturday, John and I hung out at my house (after getting a Red Mill fix). He geeked while I redid the pots on the front porch. They're all filled with pretty fall-colored flowers now, and the ivy geraniums are going to make an attempt to become houseplants for the winter. We'll see. We're still working on getting it so that we can link pictures into this journal. So, there may or may not be pictures sometime soon (and yes, sooz, someday vanillagirl will chronicle the whole thing!)

Played our double-header soccer game. I think I'm getting better.
I know that I don't feel quite as dead after playing it as I used to. Now, if I'd only keep that promise to myself to do a little more training during the week, I'm sure things would get even better.

Went to the last baseball game of the regular season on Sunday, with Peter and Jessica. (Thanks to John's folks!). Good game, even though we lost. Came home, made the promised lasagne for House Virgule, and had a lazy evening at home.

John seems to have picked up my cold. I just hope he can get over it without giving it back to me. Shouldn't there be some kind of 5th ammendment about re-infection or something like that?