September 27th, 2001



Sisterfish. noun. One of two women, twins really, both intelligent and strong, both picses to the core, separated at birth by half a continent and a few years, who ended up in a long-distance relationship with the same loser, but came out of it minus the loser and plus a good friend. Also see SisFish, Sisterfish the Elder, Southern Sisterfish. Not to be confused with FishBitch.

My friend Jennifer is here from Atlanta! It seems impossible, almost, that we've never really met each other, and seems like we've been friends for ever, rather than for several years.

It's odd, today, how our on-line friends are the equivalent of our pen-pals 20 years ago. And that our parents would think it's a great thing to meet a pen-pal you've corresponded with, but that they're somehow a little leery of someone that you've met on-line.

I mean, it's perfectly true that my Sisterfish could be a homicidal axe murderer, but if she is, she's done a good job of hiding it (hrm, maybe that explains the job with the GBI, cover-up!) and with airport security right now, she'd have to leave her axe at home anyway.

But I'm excited! We're going to do touristy things! We're going to laugh and gossip and do the things friends do when they're together, rather than living on opposite coasts.
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