September 16th, 2001


Swedish for Target

Five people, two cars, one destination: IKEA.

I went to get a strainer. A strainer. It cost $4.95. I spent $135. Of course, part of that was planned, but they'd said that the boxes would be out of stock until the 21st. They must have come in early, because there they were. Now, we just have to assemble the bookshelf from last weekend, and I'll be on my way to a new organized home.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Between the 5 of us (and it was actually only 4, because I don't think Lucy bought anything), we spent over $700, so I feel lucky.
Ikea just has this way of making money leap out of your wallet.
Maybe it's swedish for "spend money".

But considering the amount of stuff we packed into the two cars, we did well. Let the assembly begin!
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Away from it all....

We went camping this weekend. Really. Without ever leaving the city limits.

Some friends organized a camp out over at Camp Long, a wonderful, unknown-to-me Seattle City Park located out in West Seattle.

Drive in, and you see a little lodge that makes you think of the lodges of the National Parks, only smaller. Park the car and wander down, there's 10 cabins nestled in the woods, a big open meadow, ponds, woods, trails....all right in the middle of the city.

Each cabin has 3-4 double bunk beds, electricity, a stone fireplace/grill (outside), running water (outside) and a fire pit.

When we got there, Lil had collected a large wood pile, and we got the fire started. There's just something mesmerizing about fire, you can just sit and watch it burn. Of course, the inner pryomaniacs were quickly exposed....we're the ones who fussed with the fire, set long stickes on fire, and oooohed and aaaaahed over the white hot embers.

A late, late BBQ, more sitting around the fire, then I headed for our cabin. John crawled in in the wee hours of the morning, and we slept soundly until the park opened at 8:30 and a horde of children came screaming by. :)

Thanks to Marcus and Val, there was coffee and food, and we recaptured our campout spirit before having to say good bye and travel back to the real world.

Two more of John's new roommates arrived, but by the time we got to the house, their stuff was already unloaded. We headed to Misha's for another load, got some of it into the house, then headed for soccer.

Camping, Moving, Soccer. All in one day. You've gotta love life in the city. Unfortunately, there's another load tomorrow, but then I think everyone (except Alice) is in.
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