September 9th, 2001


Lazy days....

Today was officially declared a lazy day.
We didn't get up until after 10:30, and even then we didn't move very fast.

(Have I mentioned that it's kind of nice having a pseudo-housemate for a while).

Went over to John's house and discovered his parents, who had brought stuff up to Peter's (John's brothers, Matt and Peter live within a mile of his new house) and wanted to see the house. So, John gave the grand tour, everyone was duly impressed and we went out to lunch at Rockbottom. After lunch, John, Peter & I came back to the house. The guys assembled ikea furniture and I scrubbed on the gross, disgusting shower enclosure. I think it looks better, although it still needs more work. John has to do the top and the ceiling, because I can't reach it.

Misha appeared, the landlord (who was going to do the walkthrough, now that it's finally mostly done) didn't, we unpacked kitchen stuff and headed home for dinner and the Simpsons.

Lazy day *and* we accomplished something.

Not bad at all.
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