September 3rd, 2001


Long time...

Well, I have updates, really, from vacation, but they're all on Don's laptop and they just haven't gotten moved over.

Vacation was wonderful, and sooner or later, the play by play will miraculously appear.

The last several days have been mostly spent helping John move to House Virgule, a wonderful built in 1900 house that he's going to share with four friends. He *had* to be out of his apartment by Saturday, so even though they were still constructing in the house, and the fridge and washer won't be there until Wednesday, we got most of the stuff in (I still have a car full of kitchen stuff, but since the kitchen isn't finished yet, there isn't anyplace for it to go).

Up the Down Staircase.

Mmmmm. Hot tubs. John, Rhonda, Misha and I went and soaked away aches and pains this evening.

I should have put on a pedometer this weekend, just to see how far we walked moving things. But the stair climbing (32 steps out of John's old apartment, 14 stairs to the main floor of the new hours, 14 more stairs to the second floor) should have added some muscles to my thighs.

I've totally reinforced the thought, though, that when I move again, I'm paying movers.