July 31st, 2001


Countdown to Vacation!

Seems like with every task I complete at work these days, it's another check mark on my countdown to vacation.

Two vacations, really, the short one with John this weekend to Doe Bay, which will be incredibly relaxing, laid-back , wonderful and not-quite-long-enough; and the long one with Don, to the Grand Canyon (via Las Vegas) and then somehow to Santa Fe ( we haven't quite figured out our plans between "get to the Grand Canyon" and "arrive in Santa Fe".
It'll be tons of fun, there's so much in Santa Fe to do and see and buy, but it'll be a 10 days away from home, and I still need to figure out some of the logistics of that. Last year, I had a roommate, so feeding the cat and watering the plants wasn't a big issue. This year, I'm an independent woman, so it's time to bribe the neighbor kids.....

And that'll be another thing checked off my list.