July 29th, 2001


Real Men Wear Kilts.

and some of them look damned fine in them.

John and I spent the day at the PNW Highland Scottish Games and Clan Gathering, which has us both in kilt buying, tartan waving moods. Personally, I think John needs Utilikilts Tuxedo Kilt. yummy.

It was great fun, roaming around (we passed on the haggis sampler, thank you very much), munching on better than normal faire food, and watching Heavy Athletic Competition.

Just how drunk and bored did those highlanders have to be to come up with Caber Tossing? It's a tree, let's see if we can throw it end over end! Woo hoo!

And now, dinner's in the oven, it's almost time for Simpsons, and I don't want tomorrow to be Monday.