July 22nd, 2001


Vancouver, eh...

It was a grand weekend.

Took off early from work on Friday, and voyaged to the Great White North....well, British Columbia, at least. This time, John didn't worry the border guard by saying we were "running away", and we ended up in Vancouver just in time to check into our hotel (word to the wise: A hotel that advertises the attached liquor store on the reader board? Give it a pass), eat some dinner and head to the Commodore Ballroom to hear The One, The Only, The Reverend Horton Heat.

The Commodore (which the cute bartender told me has been voted the best live venue in Canada, two years in a row) is a wonderful place. Lots of places to sit, a huge dance floor, and real windows, that are open to the street when the bands aren't playing. And in theory, non-smoking, which was nice....And then the concert started, and people on the dance floor smoked what they had, whether it was produced by phillip morris, or bought by the gram from some guy on the street. (But hell, can you really have a Rev. Horton Heat concert WITHOUT marijuana?). Anyway, great, great show and I'm happy they're coming to Bumbershoot, because I'll be ready for another psychobilly freakout.....

Sometimes, when I listen to the depth of sound on RevHo's albums, it's easy to forget that they're a only trio....bass violin, guitar and drums.....and a whole load of enthusiasm.

Saturday, we slept in, way in, in enough that we weren't quite ready when housekeeping ignored the "do not disturb sign" (okay, it was noon, but) and asked if we needed housekeeping. Took the Aquabus from the foot of Hornby Street to Granville Island. Wandered through the Granville Market, looked at some of the shops, decided we just weren't in a shopping mode, and took the Little Blue Ferry to ScienceWorld, a big shiny orb on the other end of False Creek. The Aquabus and False Creek Ferries are great transportation systems, pretty, efficient and not that expensive. It was fun to look at Vancouver from a new point of view.

ScienceWorld was fun. We specifically went for the China, 7000 Years of Technology exhibit, but had lots of fun with the other exhibits. It's a lot like Pacific Science Center, only a little smaller, and in a big geodesic dome.

Took the SkyTrain (Seattle needs transportation like this) back into downtown, hit a couple of our favorite downtown shops (Lush, Virgin and Cotton Ginny), ate dinner at The Old Baliff (bangers and mash to die for!), and headed back to our sleazy hotel on the street to watch Iron Chef and sleep.

Sunday, discovered a new (to us) eatery out on English Bay that we'd recommend for breakfast to anyone, called the Rain City Cafe. Excellent food. Excellent service. Headed home, with a stop at Safeway for Real Coke and HP BBQ Sauce.

It was a good weekend.