The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

School's Out!

Well, kinda. I'm taking the day off. It's Opening Day of baseball season---and we have tickets for the ballgame this afternoon (Mariners vs Anaheim).

Yesterday, we learned that a co-worker suddenly lost her husband. No warning, he had a heart attack after a routine morning workout. I can't even imagine the loss she's suffering. It just made me want to come home and hug John.

But he had to run into the office this morning to take care of a customer call, so I'm going to do some planting (peas, radishes, lettuce and anemones) and spend some quality time with my cat-nip stoned kitties.

He'll be home at noon, though, and then it's BASEBALL! (hopefully in the sunshine!)
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