The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Another Fiscal Year! Another Day. Another Dollar.

It's officially the end of the business day on the last day of the fiscal year. I'm sure the folks in Production are still shipping, but at this end, it's starting to feel like some of the frenzy is wearing off.

I'm still not sure why all of this frenzy has to happen at the end of every fiscal year--it's the last three days that are so busy and hectic, and orders that couldn't have been placed last week or last month?. Oh well. So far, the numbers are looking good. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed.

Weight Watchers was a good experience today. After last weeks significant weight gain, I had an even more significant weight loss. I'm more than halfway to the winning point of my bet with my sister. YAY! And this close to being 35 pounds lighter than I was when I started. I should get there next week.

Taking advantage of the last night of 25 for $25 tonight, with a swanky dinner at Kaspar's for myself, Ms. snorklet and Mr. gymgeek. It should be yummy, elegant food. I'm thinking we need to add a bottle of wine to our repast.

And tomorrow morning, the gym? Well, we'll see. If not tomorrow, Friday, for sure. Saturday, I'm Master Gardening (how's that for making verbs from nouns?) at the West Seattle Senior Center's Annual Dahlia show. Should be lots of fun. I imagine I might come home with another dahlia or six. :)
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