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Start all over again!

Okay, it's day one back on the diet plan. ;)

Last night was a nice, kick-back night. I'm still hating getting home late, but getting more and more used to it.

I beat John home, so started on dinner. Larry's had fennel on sale last week, so I had two gorgeous fennel bulbs in the fridge. Slice and steam them, slice and poach chicken, layer it in a casserole with gorganzola cheese sprinkles, add a couple tablespoons of heavy cream, heat through, top with breadcrumbs. It's one of our favorite casseroles. I have to give credit to Helsing Junction Farms CSA for introducing me to fennel as something other than a spice, and for providing the recipe.

Add some fresh aspargus, a cold Tilted Kilt, and it was a fine, yummy dinner.

After dinner, and a couple of TiVo'd Daily Shows, we were domestic folks, and cleaned the kitchen until it shined, and then, it was time for bed. Kinda sad, in a way, but in other ways okay.

Got up this morning and actually made it to the gym! Woo! Slowly but surely, we're going to make that a habit. At least on that end, not having to be at work until 8:30 helps.

Okay, off to earn some of my keep (and to work on an application to earn my keep somewhere else!)
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