The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

DMS (Delayed Monday Syndrome)

I love long weekends--except for the delayed Monday Syndrome, when everything becomes a crisis because there was no one around to deal with it yesterday.

And after Friday, I'm trying really hard to remember why I care. One of the senior managers was totally out of line, yelling and screaming at my boss, dragging me into it, and being totally unprofessional. It's really a great joy to have half the floor overhear (through no fault of their own) when your job is pretty overtly threatened. "X,Y and Z-they are indispensable. You and you, you are not indispensable". Really, at the point, my brain was just daring him to fire me. I'd have a wrongful discharge suit filed so fast, his head would spin.

But anyway, he's gone for a week. My boss is gone for a week, and I can work on the project that apparently caused all the bruhaha (one that hadn't been conveyed to me as extremely urgent, but apparently I should have known better).

This weekend was much better. gymgeek's mom's birthday is Valentine's Day. They had a big french country themed dinner party to celebrate. Yummy yummy courses of food, each accompanied with a different wine. Mmmm. Wine. We drank lots and lots of wine.

A nice surprise for Nancy was the appearance of gymgeek's little brother Matt. Matt moved to New York last summer, but made a surprise trip home for his mom's birthday. It was much fun.

Sunday was a totally lazy day--watching HGTV and drinking coffee all day.

Monday, we lazed at our own house, finished a few of the things on the long list we'd planned for the weekend, then went BOWLING! Beer and Bowling. It's a good thing.

I kicked ass in the second game, with a record breaking 95! Woo!

First Master Gardener meeting of the year tonight. Yay.
I'm focused on that, rather than work. And frankly, I don't care.
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