The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

A brief glimpse of early spring...

I had a wonderful time at the flower show, despite bursting into totally unexpected tears at one vendor's booth (one of my favorite artists, and my mom bought me a piece of her work (I'd been undecided between two) last year.)

The display gardens were lovely. I think, sometimes, though, ignorance is bliss, as I walk around and think "You tell me what universe these two things bloom together in!". Suspension of disbelief rules. :)

The Orchid show was much smaller, but much more accessible, which is nice.

I did a fairly good job of restraining myself, shopping wise, and actually could easily carry everything I bought. I also have the luxury of knowing I'm going back on Saturday, so I can buy more.

But that first deep breath, when you walk into the display garden area--it just smells like spring--fresh dirt and plants. Mmmmmm.
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