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Something's missing....

It's Thanksgiving, 12:34 pm, and I'm not juggling pots and pans in the kitchen. There's a pecan pie, happily baking in the oven, but that's it.

It's strange not to be cooking dinner for a crowd. We're going to John's grandma's place for dinner. Misha's doing an orphan's dinner over at Virgule, but she's the kitchen master there. It's hard being a kitchen slave, when you're used to being the one in charge. :)

I may just have to do a turkey breast and stuffing later in the weekend, just to have leftovers. I'm sure john's dad can help me with some left over pumpkin pie for breakfast tomorrow. :)

It's been a busy week or so....John and I went to Vegas for a long weekend get away, which was incredibly nice. It was warm, sunny, and there was no where that we had to be at any given time. We did the Star Trek experience at the Hilton (which I knew he'd love, my geeky boy), the topless revue at the Luxor (Midnight Fantasy--ooooooh) and decided, spur of the moment, to see Blue Man Group again. They rock.

Then home, to lots of rain and gray. It just makes the week seem longer, I think.

Oh well. Better get moving. Pies to check and places to go, y'know?

Happy Turkey Day!
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