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I need to stop watching Clean Sweep!

Again, this weekend, we tore through boxes, sorting and purging stuff that no longer fits, no longer means anything or just doesn't work for whatever purpose. We're getting there.

Unfortunately, it also means that the house looks like a moonsoon struck, as we figure out our new orgnizational systems. Not having the luxury of moving it all out, and letting a professional quickly and efficiently reorganize it, it takes a little longer....especially when the cats try to help.

But I think we're still inspired. The old gold chair that John never really liked, that I'd acquired years ago for free has gone on to be someone else's comfy chair. I've been promised a new, functional computer chair. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to tackle the shoes. Anyone out there with size 7 1/2 - 8 feet that might want to see what's leaving? Let me know.

gymgeek is home meeting the handyman, Hutch, for the estimate on the broken front window. We went back and forth about doing it ourselves, and finally decided to let Hutch do it. :) It's sad, though, when you admit that having cardboard over the opening is warmer than the old, non-tempered glass that was in there.

Fun, busy weekend, though. Swimming Saturday morning (19 laps, new personal best!), then breakfast at The Shanty (I could happily become a regular there), cleaning all day on Saturday, running errands (late christmas presents to my niece and her family, stuff for my sister, setting up the TiVo for John's folks) on Sunday, before a spa-massage by lovely Ms. snorklet. I wasn't much use for anything after that. Went home and flowed into bed...
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